16 July 2010


It's wicked hot.
The kind of hot where your eyelids are heavy and it's too much energy to think.
We went tubing down the Bitterroot River, which was glorious and refreshing, but the heat sank back into my bones as soon as we got home.
I have things to say, but for now this heat is holding my mental capacity hostage.
So I'm posting a bunch of miscellaneous pictures from my trip out East.  Outtakes if you will.
Well, the first photo is actually from yesterday, but who's counting.
Since I've been home I've packed up my rental house and moved back in with my parents temporarily, just until I go to my brief summer job next week, and then it's off to Antarctica.  More on that tomorrow.
For now, it's back to ice cubes for me.


  1. Love the photos - what kind of flower is that? And the tiger woman emerging from the giant keyhole!

    Off to ANTARCTICA? That's kind of exciting!

  2. Cool photos!! Wow, Antartica!!? Sounds like an adventure! xoxoxoxoo

  3. awesome photos! love the beach and the skyline. i can't wait to read about antarctica, how exciting that must be for you.


  4. It's wicked hot here too and although I haven't minded it AT ALL ~today it got to me. Gave me that heat headache, ya know what I mean? My skin feels clammy and cool but I'm emitting heat from inside...even though I took my temp and it read 88.5...my wonderful wacked out digital thermometer that the Target Pharmacy sent me to drum up business! I love your photos very much and your writing...I've said that before but you know I feel it bears saying it again.

  5. Wow, Antarctica! I can't wait to hear about it :)

  6. wow those photos are great!! you've got quite an eye for photography

  7. Awesome collection of images. I really like the gate/mask.


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