29 July 2010

summer's life

Totally loving my brief, crazy summer job right now, tutoring the children of the migrant workers who pick cherries around Flathead Lake.
I learned the word for soulmate, "medianaranja"... as in, "you're my half of an orange."  Isn't that the best?
I sat at the end of a dock and watched crazy lightning over dark burgeoning clouds.
I ate cherries and broke the language barrier by somehow agreeing on rules for a game in different languages.
I jumped into the lake in the middle of the night and then watched the moon rise over the mountains from the water.
Now I'm off to a pajama party involving one large blow up mattress, kahlua, and dice games.
Sounds about right to me...
I hope you're all soaking up the abundance that is just everywhere right now!
p.s. official Antarctic countdown: 2 weeks!


  1. That sounds like such an amazing job! What great work you're doing :)

  2. I love your summer's life. To be truthful, I find that the abundance of heat in my life right now is insufferable, but I guess that's not the right thing to say to someone who's about to live in Antarctica for...a year, right?

    I'm excited for you. And I love this photo - it does capture the essence of summertime beautifully.


  3. Your summer sounds lovely! I wish my job was as entertaining and exciting as yours! I'm stuck in front of a computer all day and miss the joys of nature. Thank you for sharing though! It makes me feel just a tad bit closer to the outside world. :)

  4. medianaranja - that's so romantic and summery...

  5. just LOVE what you're doing this summer!!! and i adore that word for soul mate :)

  6. "medianaranja"... as in, "you're my half of an orange."

    Yes, it is the best.


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