20 July 2010

this is a list of noises

This is a list of noises from an abundant summer afternoon, sitting on the porch with my eyes closed, the sunshine on my back like hot heavy hands.  Just in case I forget these sounds while on the bottom of the earth, the least hospitable place on our planet.

- The nervous giggles of mourning doves as they hop back onto tree branches, just out of reach of whatever caught them off guard

- A speeding car of a hummingbird, revving past me in search of the brightest and sweetest

- Infantile groaning of goats down the hill, hot and hungry

- The soft sighs of Zoe's snores as she naps in the porch's shadows below me.

- Scurrying scratches of mating chipmunks; apparently the seemingly infinite population that raids my mother's garden is still not enough

- The hushed hum of wind hurrying through the tops of Ponderosa Pines

- The hideous squeaks of a disgruntled squirrel, its tail jerking wildly with every outburst. 

- Bees slicing through the air, frantic with the endless bounty of purple, pink, orange, yellow possibilities


  1. Your summer sounds are the sounds of summer. Love them.

  2. how lovely are those sounds...

  3. I really loved reading this and just closing my eyes after each one to hear it in my thoughts. I also love the fact that you're in Montana. Found you via Antika Moda and following you now. Nice to meet you! :)

  4. aw i love porch time and nature sounds! beautiful!

  5. beautiful. i adore the way this is written.

    xo Alison

  6. isn't it amazing to tune in to the world around us? love it!


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