05 August 2010

closin' up shop

This is just a quick note to let you all know that this weekend will be the last opportunity to order anything from my little shop.  I wish I could keep making things and selling them from Antarctica, but apparently running any sort of a business from down there is prohibited.  Oh well.  Order anything before 7am MST Monday morning, and I'll throw in a little surprise too :)
Click on any of the little photos for a direct link to that item.

And since that's not terribly exciting, I'll leave you with a ridiculous picture of me trying on some of my new Antarctic garb.
I know, right?


  1. That is one intense getup!!

    ps. how funny that we have the same shirt! Yep, it's from Anthro :)

  2. i like the pairing of the fur get-up and the tank top...nice!

  3. that photo made me laugh out loud. i LOVE it!

    xo Alison

  4. Wow, you are gorgeous even when you have that get-up on!
    My daughter got married in Portland and we flew over your state! Thought of you! xxoo

  5. hahaha. sexy. so i must have missed that comment when you told me your new blog url because i have been totally unaware until now. i am a horrible blogger friend. but here i am! your newest follower! :]

  6. hehe that is funny, but kind of cool too!


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