04 August 2010

under the bed

Oh my, I've got a lot on my mind.
Processing the emotionally difficult but wildly fun and empowering job I just finished up at Flathead Lake.
Starting to put my mind towards the week long journey to the bottom of the world I'll be making in exactly one week.
Beginning to pack, which is literally my least favorite thing to do.  I have never packed for 7 months in the coldest place on earth and then 2 months in New Zealand, and let me tell you, it's not easy.  I have a spreadsheet going with about two pages typed in so far, and only half of a suitcase packed.
Packing always leads to creative discoveries via procrastination for me, and while sitting exasperated on my bedroom floor, I glanced under my bed.  Out came my old art portfolio, along with hideous strands of dust and hair.  Yeah, I don't look under there very often.
I proceeded to go through all of the hilarious, nostalgic, and slightly disturbing pieces, having a new outlook on the work with some college psychology under my belt.  Images that confused me and kept popping up in my drawings back then make a lot more sense now.
I also found a little folder with my first attempts at film photography, a medium that frustrated me, as I didn't have enough of a grasp on the process.  (And still don't).
But looking at them made me think about how far my photos have come.  I really like the two that I am posting below, photos that an angrier and younger version of myself took six years ago.  But all of the other photos are underexposed, sloppy, clearly taken with a grumpy haste.  Even the photos I was taking earlier this year no longer speak to me as clearly.  And I think it's because of all the blogs I look at, all of the incredible flickr accounts I admire.  Looking at the work people put out there, and examining what I like about them has been similar to being in a photography class for me, except one I feel comfortable in, and can see my growth from.
So, here are my procrastinatory (new word?) discoveries from the past.  And yes, this is a form of procrastination in itself, and yes, I am avoiding the future looming closer and closer by divulging in this.


  1. well i like this two photos..
    sometimes the same happens to me when going through other's stuff is like i'm never satisfied but I like to think the same happens to them

    i hate packing too!!
    take it easy!


  2. I was going to comment more but then my monkeys and my dog started misbehavin'

    I look forward to your future posts about your trip AND I am looking forward to reading some of your back posts-
    I found you via AM- when you commented about Edward Sharpe- Saw them last month and loved it.
    If you are interested:


    Really nice to meet you!

  3. When quickly glancing, the cat appears to be plugged in. I always procrastinate and start rummaging through my belongings when I'm supposed to be packing.

  4. ugh packing is NO fun! But i'm sure you'll get it done quick then your off to a new adventure!! :)

    ps. that's awesome that you saw edward sharpe as well! Weren't they just awesome?! I had a BLAST!! Bottom line...I want to be a hippie...I might already be, lol.

  5. These are fantastic! I'd say you grasped the medium just fine :)

    GOOD luck packing--I'm a horrible packer. I suppose at the bottom of the world more is better than less!

  6. these are great pictures! i'm the same way when i pack. i find things to do or look at and get completely sidetracked. but packing is such a drag, you need stuff to mix it up. good luck my dear in your traveling adventures!


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