15 September 2010

one month!

Like how all of my entries are named after how long I've been here?  It's just because it's completely shocking every time I take note of the time that's passed... "it's only been a month?!  it's already been a month!?" It has flown by and yet I feel like I've been here forever. 
When I first got down here, it was almost totally dark except for maybe 3 hours during the middle of the day.  Now it's already light until 9:30 or so at night.  The shift has taken place so quickly, because apparently there are 45 more minutes of sunlight everyday.  It felt like it went from dark to light overnight, and two days ago I had the sun shine on my face for the first time in almost a month.  It completely caught me off guard, and I had sun spots in my eyes for a good 5-10 minutes.  But now every time I round a corner and find it shining on me, I have to stop and bask.  But you know how when you stand in the sunshine at home and it warms you?  That doesn't happen here - at least not yet.  It almost feels fake because you can't feel it at all.
The other thing that caught me off guard was seeing my REAL shadow for the first time since getting down here.  Sure, I've seen my fluorescent shadow, but not like this.  I had to stop and take a photo... it was like realizing that I really was a human, not just a big red coat wandering around.  That's Ob Hill in the background, which I haven't hiked up yet but will soon.
Occasionally, when the weather is right, you can see mirages out on the sea ice.  This picture does not capture the mirages, but what happens is that right below the mountains, it looks like there are huge cliffs in the ice.  Today I was walking around station with my coworker Sue, and she got all excited and pointed them out to me.  It's crazy!  The sea ice is totally flat, and yet there are these huuuge looking cliffs.  This place, I'll tell ya...
Last night I was the captain of a jano dodgeball team and we won!  We all dressed up pretty crazy, I wore my silver sequined dress with pigtails and lots of silver makeup.  That's me, the third from the left... shiny right?  It was such a blast, and we took down teams of big scary fleet ops men.  There were 8 teams, and the last 2 teams in the championship were the 2 jano teams.  Janos rock.
The food here is not great.  I mean, I suppose that's not completely fair because there haven't been freshies for weeks now.  But I'm completely spoiled by all of the amazing food I was surrounded by growing up, so I definitely haven't been eating that much.  What I have been eating is the really good fresh baked bread, and gummy bears.  So many gummy bears.  Because in 007, which is the jano's main closet/meeting space/etc... there is a big box full of them.  Don't worry, I'm taking vitamins.  I don't think I would get any from eating the 4 years expired mushy frozen cauliflower anyways.  Sometimes we play a game where we go into the store and see who can find the most expired food.  Apparently 2002 is the current winner for this year.
And of course, I'm still having a blast.  Everyone has started joking about how this Saturday is my last before my mom gets down here and I have to start behaving.  I don't think anyone behaves down here - except maybe my mom :)  Janos have 5:31 breaks every once in a while... we get off of work at 5:30, and then meet up to drink some ridiculous concoction.  Today's 5:31 break was beer with emergen-C packets in it.  Ridiculous.  This past Saturday there was party for the fuels truck that burnt down the week before.  Everyone dressed in funeral garb, and there was even a man dressed as an angel lowered from the ceiling.  People in Antarctica will find any reason to have a party, and know how to do it right.
Things are good, so good!


  1. Sounds like you've been having a blast! Hmmm, shinny silver sequined dress for dodgeball, eh? Isn't that a violation of the rules? I mean, it could cause temporary fluorescent sun spot blindness or something... Stay warm, be well, and behave (OK, well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad).

  2. Whoa - what's a fluorescent shadow?

  3. I love the shadow pic! Wonderful writing my dear :) And man, you look serious in the dodgeball game - I would hate to be your opponent. Ready or not, here I come!

  4. Oh Liz,
    I am so happy that you are having a great time so far. Even though it didn't happen this year I want to head that way, still!! Do you think you will return? Chao guapa!

  5. You have a way of making this place seem really fun! Almost makes us feel we are missing something by not taking the leap and heading down! Such an experience. You are one heck of a gal! I tell every body about you...you and your adventure seems to come up in all kinds of conversations. xxoo


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