11 October 2010

8 weeks!

Ahh!  I swear I've been trying to post for so long, but things always pop up.  Like right now, I planned all day to do a long, thorough post this evening, but I only have 15 mins now, since I got signed up for a massage class, and got coerced to have wine and girl talk later this evening.  So this is going to be pretty quick.  This is a picture of some of the glorious ladies I work with, and the amazing sunset that lasts for hours and hours during the middle of the night right now. 
I have been extremely busy lately with all of the activities I've gotten involved in.  Last week the janos defended their championship title in dodgeball, which was so much fun... I was the "token girl" on the team of 5, and the rest of the janos made up most of the audience.  The other teams were really intense, cheated, and yelled, but we had a blast, giggled the whole time, and still won.  I've also been doing dance practice 3 times a week, since some of the janos and I are dressing up as different Lady Gagas on halloween and doing a surprise dance performance to "Telephone."  Choreography and I have never been friends but I'm learning fast and find myself doing the steps while washing showers during the day.  This past Saturday, the janos had a big Hut10 party, which is like the little party house on station, and we all had to bring hand puppets... the creations people came up with was so hilarious and fun.  I work with an incredibly creative bunch of people who all have an insane sense of humor which keeps things exciting all the time.
Here is an infamous jano cuddle puddle.  We take part in these as much as possible.  We've even done one while drenched in sweat after playing basketball.  Janos are known for being incredibly tightknit, and even a little exclusive.  The last part isn't entirely true, it's just that we all like each other so much that we want to hang out together all the time.  I've officially been here 8 weeks today, and the past few days I've felt it.  Yesterday, all I wanted was to sing my heart out in private, but there was not one place to do it without having an audience.  But I still giggle all day, am having a blast, and love it down here.  But goodness gracious, I would love to go shopping right now, I'm not gonna lie.  Ahh I'm late for massage, I promise I will post again soon, and actually take pictures of Antarctica, not just the crazy social events that take place inside down here.


  1. Every one is pretty and healthy looking. This will most likely be the best time of your life. You make me want to go and experience the comraderie!
    Keep posting! Love it xxoo

  2. I cannot believe it's been 8 weeks! That sunset looks amazing.


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