18 October 2010

jano life: by rickey

I thought I'd pop in and share some of the awesome pictures that I recently acquired from a guy headed to Pole.  He takes amazing photos and hung out with the janos for the past week, so he captured some great shots of the people I love most down here.  These are definitely some real slices of jano life.  I'll post some pictures of my first real hike soon!  I also have a video that he shot of me juggling lemons in Antarctica!  Yes!

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  1. Your buildings must have a lot of warmth since you guys have sleeveless shirts on alot in these photos.
    I love your posts and am so surprised to see how fun loving everyone seems to be! You especially really shine in these pictures! I can always pick you out! You have a glowing radiance about you...Must have a terrific aura!
    Keep the blog posts coming! I get so excited to see what you'll put up next! What an adventure!


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