11 November 2010

oops. sorry it's been so long.

It's been almost a month since I last wrote.  And it's 6 days shy of my 3 month mark. 
But, see, I have about 100 great excuses for why I haven't had time to write, and a few of those reasons are captured in the photos above.  My life has been so full and rich, I barely have time to think, let alone try and write words so that people out there can even begin to understand.  It hasn't all been good; life is more a roller coaster down here then ever before.  But the highs are utterly unbelievable, and they're so often and so mind boggling.  And so much has happened.  Dance crew, Halloween performance, winning the costume contest and therefore a trip to Cape Royds, a boondoggle (special morale trip instead of working), iceberg frozen into sea ice, seals, observation tube, 24/7 sunshine, so much love, amazing crazy nights, bluegrass, dance parties, etc, etc.  I wish I had time to sit here and describe all of it, but I only have time to upload pictures today, and better pictures than nothing!  I hope the shifting of seasons finds everyone happy and healthy, and I will try to get back on soon to explain a bit of what life is like down here.