06 March 2011

ahh new zealand (or: on becoming a barefoot crusty)

I've been in New Zealand a week now.  Every morning is still like a breath of fresh air though, after all the cold, the white/brown/grey palette, the nonexistence of living things, the 60 hours of work a week.  I wake up, snuggle with the boy, watch as the sun comes streaming in through the large open window, and then make some eggs, maybe eat some of the homemade granola my mother just made solely with ingredients from the farmer's market, and then find out what sort of adventure is in store for us.
 The color everywhere is intoxicating after such a lengthy void.  The contrasts between plants and buildings, mountains and clouds, ocean and sky are overwhelming in the best sort of way.
 I even found a swing!
We hiked up a mountain covered in lush jungle to find an enormous cave full of stalactites.  I don't have a good picture of the inside because I got a little freaked out by the immensity - both above and below me.  So I sat in the sunshine and marveled at the formations from above.
 My cutie, all sweaty from his descent below.
The sweetest little cows were grazing near the hike to the cave.  Look at those darling eyes.  I'd like to bring one home with me and hang a wreath of flowers around its cutie neck.
This is Pupu Springs, the clearest, cleanest water in the world (beyond the water below the Ross Ice Shelf - where I was in Antarctica!)  It was gorgeous, just completely clear except for the reflections of the trees around it.

Much more soon...

p.s. a barefoot crusty is what New Zealanders call their hippies.  It's preferred that people enter stores barefoot rather than wearing muddy (or boggy) shoes, so a lot of people take advantage of this and pad around downtown with nothing on their feet.  Kevin and I have tried it out a few times, but I have to say, after walking around the not so clean city streets of Nelson (and having had my little feeties in socks almost all the time for the last seven months), the bottoms of my feet are feeling a little rough.

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  1. And there she goes, making more memories. So happy to know you are enjoying life. Enjoy all of the warmth and color and be careful with those tender feet.


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