20 March 2011


 after one of the longest journeys of my life (36 straight hours of traveling including a 3 hour jaunt into singapore), we arrived in cambodia.
 dr. fish foot massage (tiny fish that eat your dead skin... very ticklish)
 elephants!  my power animal :)
 posing in the angkor ruins
 street kids are everywhere, "hello pretty lady, hello sister, you buy something?  only ten for one dollar!" they are adorable and mischievous and have kept us pretty entertained.  here they are sneaking into angkor thom.
 we got up at 4:30am and made a pilgrimage in the dark to watch the sun rise over angkor wat, one of the seven wonders of the world.
 we also donated blood to the kantha bopha children's hospital, which provides free healthcare to cambodian children who desperately need it.  there is never enough blood as there is an epidemic of dengue fever, which requires a blood transfusion in children.  definitely check out this program.  the health care sector in this country is still reeling after the khmer rouge's genocide, but these hospitals are beginning to change that.
we did a khmer cooking class where we learned how to make things like amok and sticky rice with mango.  absolutely delicious!

it's still too early to really be able to articulate my feelings about cambodia, because i haven't quite processed all of the crazy experiences i've had in the last week.  there's nothing quite like whizzing down a phnom penh street on a tuk tuk while hundreds of motos carrying families up to 6 careen past just inches away, and to turn left you simply merge into oncoming traffic.  walking around the killing fields, seeing human bone and bits of clothing sticking out of the dirt while being in earshot of children playing outside at their school is a horrific paradox.  sharing smile after smile with cambodian people, who are still recovering from losing a quarter of the country's population during a mere four year regime, yet are some of the most smiley people i've ever come across.  we go to thailand tomorrow.  ill post a lot more on new zealand, cambodia, and this entire trip when i'm back home, but for now, i'll try to do some little snippets like this when i can. 

my one khmer word that i learned: arkun, which means thank you.


  1. These pics are great - I can not wait to see the rest! You look SO adorable in the cooking pic. Love the poses in the temple! I just keep looking at the pics again and again, amazed at where you are. Awesome! Love and hugs, Mom P.S. - I can tell that it's Kevin's leg getting nibbled by the fish ;)

  2. hahaha...I was thinking it must be Kevin's leg getting the massage! You are something else, girl.. I just love your posts..keep them coming..I type fast when I see you've done an update!♥

  3. I'm on BLOGSPOT now... only took a year. I absolutely love you're photographs, keep them coming cause I can daydream that I'm there easier when you do!

  4. I love the photos! They make me feel like I'm there with you. So glad to hear that you enjoyed the "cold snap"--though you are probably now in a place where the temperature is well over 100 degrees. Maybe you should hire a couple of people to fan you as you enjoy your extra-long massage. :) Keep the pictures and stories coming, my girl. Hi to Kevin and Sharon. Love you! -=Stad


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