10 March 2011

a walk through the new zealand clouds

yesterday the four of us took care of business most of the morning and then set off to do the takaka hill walkway
it was a glorious stroll along the tops of ridges.  we would go through tunnels of dense moss covered forests and then come out to fields of limestone carved into intricate, sharp ripples
at times we would literally have our heads in the clouds, as there was a distinct line of clouds running along the spine of the mountaintops.  here the white of the clouds blends into the white background but you get the idea.
it is still such a joy to revel in green after months and months without it
i am really settling into this laid back new zealand lifestyle, but alas, it's off to south east asia on monday.  i am a little nervous, but mostly just buzzing about in ridiculous amounts of excitement.  we got an email from jetstar today telling us that they have changed our flights so that we have a 13 hour layover in singapore, so we're adding another country that we get to visit.  we're going to take a 5 hour tour of downtown and eat some delicious foods.  and jetstar is even giving us a $50 voucher for our inconvenience :)  perfect.

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  1. Wow. Seems like you are living the dream. I've enjoyed looking at your photos - really like the third pic. My best friend lives in NZ and I am intending to go there this year. My Hubby and I will be sending over our Honda Goldwing motorbike first and then we shall fly over. The intention is to ride our way around the two islands. My friend lives in Kerikeri in the Bay of Islands (up north). I've never been there so really looking forward to that.

    You may have to write a little list of do's and don't's in the country for a newbie like me. Anyhow, enjoy the next leg. It almost sounds like you are a contestant on the Amazing Race with all your travels.


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