13 May 2011

the digs: usa big!

here's the weekly friday installment: the digs

i've been having a lot of fun with clothes lately; it's such a dynamic and immediate form of self expression.

my mom came across this quote the other day and shared it with me:
"clothes and courage have so much to do with each other." - sara duncan
so true!  so true!

so here's what i wore on 12 may.  i had this dress made a few weeks ago in hanoi, vietnam.  it was in a quiet, corner shop run by the sister of the tailor.  when she took my measurements, she grabbed my boobs and exclaimed, "usa big!" and then grabbed her own, "vietnam small." 

it's some of the prettiest fabric, combining orange, blue, and purple... colors i wouldn't usually pair together.  i wore this with my new patterned tights, a trusty old scarf, and the frye-wannabe boots i had tailor made in hoi an, vietnam.

i won't always have a drawing to go with the digs but i certainly will when i can.  i realized i hadn't drawn anything in almost a year, so it's time to get that brain muscle going again.  and no, i can't draw arms/hands.  whatever.

have a happy friday!


  1. When you go back, I'm giving you money. I want fabric, and boots.
    end. of. story.

  2. I can't draw hands either! Yay!


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