08 May 2011

get ready

[photo taken by my mother with my instax210: zoe and i enjoying sage covered montana mountains]

it's me.
i've been gone for so long, and this space feels at once comforting and intimidating.

i've been to the bottom of the world and back, and now i'm home in montana.
a lot has happened, but that's to come.

i just wanted to say that this space and the projects i'm currently working on was my happy place, the place i escaped to in my mind while struggling through harrowing cambodian tuktuk rides or attempting to sleep on crowded vietnamese trains.

there are going to be some changes around here, and you're going to hear a lot more from me.
i have some plans for weekly features and i have a couple other exciting things up my sleeve as well.

i think i've promised more frequent blogging on several occasions through this long absence, but this time, i mean it.

i'm ready.


  1. Yeayyyy, you're back! I look forward to all the stuff you are gonna give us glimpses to!


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