12 May 2011

scrumptious: grilled salmon pizza

here's thursday's weekly feature: scrumptious

the french chef escoffier said, "good food is the basis of true happiness."
it's certainly a key element.

and scrumptious is such a good word, don't you think?  it's one of those highly appropriate words, along the same vein of onomatopoeia - it doesn't sound like it, but it feels like what it's supposed to conjure.  say it out loud, say it slowly.  it makes my tongue stir.
so scrumptious will delve into one of my culinary experiences, no - delights, from the week.

this week: grilled salmon pizza
scotty grilled some amazing salmon for dinner the night before and despite our best efforts, there were leftovers.

while in hoi an, vietnam, i indulged in a rather swanky restaurant and spent an exorbitant six dollars on a smoked salmon pizza that had clumps of goat cheese, halved cherry tomatoes, and capers.  after days and days of different fried rice or noodle dishes, it was such a treat and i filed it in my brain to do later, to do better.

and this was better.  i made some dough, rolled it out, and grilled both sides outside on the barbecue.  then i mixed some dill and cream cheese and spread a thin layer on the dough, followed by a thin layer of tomato sauce.  then mozzarella, finely sliced tomatoes and red onions, chunks of grilled salmon, and a whole bunch of dill.  then put it out on the grill again until it got all melty and delicious.  yum.  oh.  yum-oh.

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  1. sounds great! have some leftover salmon and will try this tonight!


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