17 May 2011

tuesday's instax: fragments

This post is a little late today because instead of arriving at the Charlotte airport at 11:30 last night, I arrived at the Greensboro airport at 12:45am, and then had to drive almost three hours to my aunt's house.  Without my suitcase.  Which is still somewhere out there.

But now I'm here, and will be in North Carolina for a month before heading to New England for a month.  I'm getting my visitations in before going back to Antarctica in August.

This shot was taken in Hoi An, Vietnam at a little restaurant where we drank some light Asian beer from sweating glasses and played pool in the shade, escaping the midday heat.  Look for Kevin's face in the shards.  He's coming home to Denver from Australia in a few days, which will certainly feel like he's a little closer, but still being restrained to just phone calls and video chatting is going to be rough.  How did I get myself into a (short term, but still) long distance situation?  

For the record, though, the man is most certainly worth it.


  1. oh my gosh, I didn't realize you were going back to Antartica again?
    Love that you can travel and spend time with people who matter to you...rare to get to do that nowadays.
    Do you still see your cute boyfriend?

  2. spelled Antarctica wrong before...eww hate when I do that..


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