10 May 2011

tuesday's instax: geometric ice in the ross sea

tuesday's instax.

doesn't exactly have a ring to it, but that's what this is.

i bought an instax 210 as a first-antarctic-season-complete gift for myself.
at first i was shocked and highly amused by how huge it is... it's really, really big.
big enough that my friends joked that at least nobody in southeast asia would try to steal it from me.
but this camera has grown on me.  in a big way.  (punzies!)
as one friend put it, the pictures look like actual memories.
so every tuesday, i'm going to post one with the story of the memory.

this one was taken on one of my very last days on the ice.
things were crazy - reckless norwegians, the storm of the century, the christchurch earthquake (which is the jump-off for mcmurdo station), and the breaking up of the sea ice.
usually there is some melting of the ice that generally surrounds mcmurdo, but this year was different.  it hadn't broken up this much in over a decade, and even some of the permanent ice shelf was taken out.  this got dangerously close to the road to pegasus, which takes people out to the ice runway to be flown to new zealand.  we got out (after the road was re-routed further from the ice's edge), but it was hairy for a bit.

in the midst of the insanity, i took the time one evening to bundle up and walk down to hut point on my own.  it was incredibly windy, but i had (for once) properly bundled up.  there was nobody else out there except for three adelie penguins who were snuggled into the rocks.  i sat, leaning against vince's cross, looking out at the open water which was littered with groupings of geometric chunks of sea ice, slowly making its way somewhere.  i sat there, reveling in the beauty all around me and the extremity of life on the bottom of the world and the wonder of falling in love.  i took myself out of the shitshow happening on station and found peace in this ice, in this water, in this place.

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