30 May 2011

tuesday's instax: zoe

yeah yeah yeah, so i'm failing at posting anything but tuesday's instax, but at least it's something.  posting while traveling is not easy, with time flying extra fast as it is.  i'm heading to denver tomorrow to see kevin, so i will have pictures to post when i get back.

this is my beloved zoe, one of the last pictures i got to take of her before she passed away due to old age a couple weeks ago.  poor old pup.  she never liked having her picture taken, and every time i would try and capture one of her signature expressions, she would turn her head.  i caught her in the act of turning here, but i think the photo still retains her attitude.

things have been a little topsy turvy lately, it seems that the lives of a whole bunch of people i care about are falling apart a bit.  is it selfish or resourceful to focus on how well everything seems to be going on my path?  i'm not sure, but it helps me stay strong for others to lean on, so i guess that's something.  for now, i look forward to breathing crisp western air tomorrow.


  1. so glad you're back in the blog world! i love this space!

  2. oh, gosh. We just lost our final old old kitty last thursday. Awful feeling.
    A lot of people I know are having things fall apart also and I have such a wonderful job and am so appreciated at it..I try to focus on that too...other things aren't going so well but we have to focus...I don't want to think of it as being foolish..so we won't~will we!?

  3. Hey Liz, (it's CarrieB's Sister) I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your beloved furry family member. I'm glad to hear everything else is going well for you, however.


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