28 June 2011

tuesday's instax: a head of lettuce and the boy


i've got a picnic lunch packed, an overnight bag, and a reservation at a very new england-y bed and breakfast.  kevin arrives at the airport in a couple of hours.  we're going to have a little pre-getaway tonight, and then he gets to meet a whole bunch of my people for the first time.  he also gets to see where i grew up.  kevin + maine = one of the greatest merging of my worlds yet!

p.s. this instax was taken in motueka, new zealand.  one of my favorite parts of new zealand was biking around to all of the different houses that had fresh produce out with honesty boxes.  in the mood for fresh salsa?  we'd bike to that house for an onion, that one for tomatos, and the one around the corner with the spiciest peppers.  so much fun!

p.p.s. did i mention that while baking cookies this morning, i fried some bacon too?  i only recently stopped being a vegetarian after 3.5 years, and i honestly don't think i had ever fried bacon before.  it might be a liiittle too crunchy, but i did it!

26 June 2011

jumping on seals

i have lots of pictures to share soon, but for now, here's a gif (via animals being dicks) of a penguin living out my seal fantasy.  sometimes in antarctica, we could get pretty close to these big furry slugs lazing out on the sea ice, and i always wanted to climb on top of them.  which of course is against the antarctic treaty, so i didn't.  but this cracks me up every single time, especially since this seal moves five hundred times more than i ever saw any other seal move.  i think the extent of movement i ever witnessed was the opening of eyes.  hop on, penguin.
p.s. you might have to click on the picture for it to play.

22 June 2011

this was my week: north carolina (in pictures)

1. copious hours spent in the studio / 2. working on packaging / 3. if you're going to do a prototype of something, why not make it be a gift for your favorite frolickers? / 4. two little cross-eyed monsters / 5. creepy eyes at the flea market / 6. giggling with cousins / 7. adventures in ikea

21 June 2011

tuesday's instax: bangkok canals

i flew to boston late last night and haven't had a chance to check out my new surroundings yet.
but here is this week's instax.  bangkok.

taking a quick, no-stops flight last night reminded me of bangkok, since we flew in and out of that city about a half dozen times as we skipped around southeast asia.  all of them quick, no-stop flights.  oh, bangkok.  i recommend walking around chinatown, little india, little arabia, and looking out over the canals.  i recommend staying as far from khao san road as possible.

it feels really good to be back in new england.  more on that soon.

18 June 2011

an update on the progression of my creative aspirations, or: making it happen!

i've been thinking a lot about making it happen.  a phrase i've come across several times in the blog world lately, a phrase that suits the situation.

it being… i'm not sure exactly.  i suppose, supporting myself by creating things.  well, not even that.  just creating things and having them reach the hands of others.

i've been thinking about what it takes to do this - how much perseverance, how much talent, how much luck, how much practice.  on and on.

i've been working really hard at making it happen.

after eating dinner with my grandparents, i'll pull out a sheet of shrinky dink and start drawing earrings while they continue conversing.  i usually just listen anyway.  i've been creating things until the wee hours of the night that technically count as morning.  compiling piles, making lists, brainstorming more.

the thing is that it's hard to make it happen while living the nomad lifestyle.  so that's another part of the evaluation and thought process.  how do i make it happen within the context of my rambling path?  how do i make this concrete when i'm hop-skip-jumping from continent to continent?

for now, for concrete's sake, i have my eyes set on the craft fair in antarctica.  last year i made 30 pairs of earrings a couple of days before on a whim, and sold out in two hours, making enough to buy my plane ticket to southeast asia.  this year i'm coming prepared.  i paid attention and noticed that the postcards in the station store are rather dismal.  so much so that i never felt inspired to send any.  so postcards are my list.  other fun knick-knacks, like sticker packs are currently being made by yours truly.  and my big, rather lofty goal is to make 100 pairs of earrings to sell.  so fair, i've made the shrink plastic pieces for 55 pairs.  i've also been quite aware of how much of a sucker i am for packaging, especially in places like anthropologie, so that is being revamped as well.  oh oh and there's more, i tell you.  there's more.

i'm also debating doing a quick limited sale (maybe 10 pairs of earrings) on etsy at the end of the summer, if i have the time. 

and so that's what i'm working on.  making it happen as best as i can.

and this is my best: at 3:26am last night, i scribbled into my journal: "my secret to productivity: start and don't stop."

16 June 2011

new music: doggy style

copious amounts of watercolors, thank you notes, and earring making have had me sitting with headphones on and realizing that i need some new music.  lucky for me, there's a free download of warm weather's new ep dances, AND a new single released by one of my all time favorites beirut.  cutie pups on the covers of both, to boot.  [click on album for link]

14 June 2011

tuesday's instax: new zealand skies

poor christchurch.  this gorgeous city just can't catch a break from mother nature it seems.
it's crazy to think back to first earthquake last september, then the insane aftershock that messed with our travel plans (although very minor to what the people there faced), and now more?  iy iy iy.  it also makes me wonder if this will change the travel route to antarctica this year.  generally we spend a few days in christchurch, getting our extreme cold weather gear.  we shall see.

this instax was my first one taken off the ice in february.  it wasn't in christchurch, but in motueka, several hours north.  however, this picture reminds me of stepping off the c17 at the christchurch airport, being astounded at warm humid hair on my cheeks and the trees off in the distance.  we all stared at the security dog as he sniffed our belongings, moaning and groaning about how cute he was.  we hadn't seen any animals aside from penguins, seals, or skuas in almost seven months.

my toes have started a-tappin'... it's a little hard for me to believe, but i'm starting to itch to get back down there.

13 June 2011

this was my week: denver (in pictures)

1. red rocks amphitheatre / 2. a perfect picnic / 3. pretty close pho / 4. the view from the curtis / 5. downtown denver geometries / 6. an evening in the park with bubbles, kites, and bikes / 7. the best bloody mary yet / 8. glitter gospel elvis / 9. there's sunset in that stream / 10. boyfriend and estes park / 11. a tree of lights

12 June 2011

this was my week: denver

my trip to denver:
- reuniting with my love after thirty four days apart
- biking between skyscrapers
- watching the finals, rooting for both teams
- after recently abandoning three and a half years of vegetarianism, trying cow tongue, oxtail, tendon
- lounging in the curtis on the fun and games floor
- meeting a whole slew of kevin's people and feeling my heart growing bigger with each of them
- drinking a bunch of pbr, and a bunch of really hoppy ipas
- watching the shining in a cabin in estes park, home to the stanley hotel, inspiration for stephen king's book
- eating a lot of really, ridiculously delicious food... a major perk of having a foodie boyfriend
- drinking an el burro at the green russell, a modern take on the speakeasy.
- blowing bubbles and flying a kite in the park with friends while the sun set
- catching up on snuggles
- drinking the best bloody mary i've had thus far in life
- eating big, spicy bowls of pho, and savoring the feeling of "break-up face" (when it's so spicy that your face is red and running from all orifices)... also enjoying the snobbery that comes from knowing what real pho is really like in vietnam
- hiking to where kevin's dad's ashes were scattered and enjoying a glorious picnic lunch surrounded by colorado beauty, whispering wind, and the stories of memories
- dreams materializing in the kitchen: being able to cook delicious meals together for loved ones
- falling in love all over again... i have a feeling this is going to be a recurring theme when we reunite next in boston, and then in new york city, and then in seattle, and then in...

07 June 2011

tuesday's instax: hello buddha

i'm on my way back from denver today.  i have lots of pictures to post soon, but for now, here's an instax i took of a thoughtful buddha in chiang mai, thailand.

edit: staying in denver for three more days.  pictures soon!