12 June 2011

this was my week: denver

my trip to denver:
- reuniting with my love after thirty four days apart
- biking between skyscrapers
- watching the finals, rooting for both teams
- after recently abandoning three and a half years of vegetarianism, trying cow tongue, oxtail, tendon
- lounging in the curtis on the fun and games floor
- meeting a whole slew of kevin's people and feeling my heart growing bigger with each of them
- drinking a bunch of pbr, and a bunch of really hoppy ipas
- watching the shining in a cabin in estes park, home to the stanley hotel, inspiration for stephen king's book
- eating a lot of really, ridiculously delicious food... a major perk of having a foodie boyfriend
- drinking an el burro at the green russell, a modern take on the speakeasy.
- blowing bubbles and flying a kite in the park with friends while the sun set
- catching up on snuggles
- drinking the best bloody mary i've had thus far in life
- eating big, spicy bowls of pho, and savoring the feeling of "break-up face" (when it's so spicy that your face is red and running from all orifices)... also enjoying the snobbery that comes from knowing what real pho is really like in vietnam
- hiking to where kevin's dad's ashes were scattered and enjoying a glorious picnic lunch surrounded by colorado beauty, whispering wind, and the stories of memories
- dreams materializing in the kitchen: being able to cook delicious meals together for loved ones
- falling in love all over again... i have a feeling this is going to be a recurring theme when we reunite next in boston, and then in new york city, and then in seattle, and then in...

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  1. all these little adventures sound wonderful :)

    ps: hopefully i'll be posting the collard recipe soon!


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