22 June 2011

this was my week: north carolina (in pictures)

1. copious hours spent in the studio / 2. working on packaging / 3. if you're going to do a prototype of something, why not make it be a gift for your favorite frolickers? / 4. two little cross-eyed monsters / 5. creepy eyes at the flea market / 6. giggling with cousins / 7. adventures in ikea


  1. adorable. the ikea shot reminds me of that wonderful scene in 500 days of summer.


  2. what a great set of photos....i especially dig the legs...

  3. fun!
    I was just telling a coworker today how jealous I am of your life :)
    Also I am obsessed with that nail color, I am pretty sure I need to go get something similar.

  4. you look like you've lost a little weight with all your country hopping! Lookin'good, feelin'good! Maybe it's love..hmmmm. Great to see your blog happenin' again! Love your adventures


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