21 June 2011

tuesday's instax: bangkok canals

i flew to boston late last night and haven't had a chance to check out my new surroundings yet.
but here is this week's instax.  bangkok.

taking a quick, no-stops flight last night reminded me of bangkok, since we flew in and out of that city about a half dozen times as we skipped around southeast asia.  all of them quick, no-stop flights.  oh, bangkok.  i recommend walking around chinatown, little india, little arabia, and looking out over the canals.  i recommend staying as far from khao san road as possible.

it feels really good to be back in new england.  more on that soon.


  1. oh how neat! i love this photo. i would never have known that bangkok had canals like that!

  2. LOVE this!

    ps: can't wait to see the earrings :)

  3. oh, lovely. i would like to have my own instax of bangkok one day. if that happens, i'm dedicating it to your post.


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