28 June 2011

tuesday's instax: a head of lettuce and the boy


i've got a picnic lunch packed, an overnight bag, and a reservation at a very new england-y bed and breakfast.  kevin arrives at the airport in a couple of hours.  we're going to have a little pre-getaway tonight, and then he gets to meet a whole bunch of my people for the first time.  he also gets to see where i grew up.  kevin + maine = one of the greatest merging of my worlds yet!

p.s. this instax was taken in motueka, new zealand.  one of my favorite parts of new zealand was biking around to all of the different houses that had fresh produce out with honesty boxes.  in the mood for fresh salsa?  we'd bike to that house for an onion, that one for tomatos, and the one around the corner with the spiciest peppers.  so much fun!

p.p.s. did i mention that while baking cookies this morning, i fried some bacon too?  i only recently stopped being a vegetarian after 3.5 years, and i honestly don't think i had ever fried bacon before.  it might be a liiittle too crunchy, but i did it!


  1. that sounds like the most AMAZING way of making a salad! (or at least 'shopping' for the ingredients, heh.)

    i totally get you on the bacon thing! after 10 years i just started trying meat again (it's tough adjusting) and i still make my boyfriend cook the bacon when we have it. it's too hard! i can never get it just right. grr.

    hope you + k have a lovely time together. long-distance is difficult!

  2. your getaway sounds like perfection!
    and that photo is pure loveliness!


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