14 June 2011

tuesday's instax: new zealand skies

poor christchurch.  this gorgeous city just can't catch a break from mother nature it seems.
it's crazy to think back to first earthquake last september, then the insane aftershock that messed with our travel plans (although very minor to what the people there faced), and now more?  iy iy iy.  it also makes me wonder if this will change the travel route to antarctica this year.  generally we spend a few days in christchurch, getting our extreme cold weather gear.  we shall see.

this instax was my first one taken off the ice in february.  it wasn't in christchurch, but in motueka, several hours north.  however, this picture reminds me of stepping off the c17 at the christchurch airport, being astounded at warm humid hair on my cheeks and the trees off in the distance.  we all stared at the security dog as he sniffed our belongings, moaning and groaning about how cute he was.  we hadn't seen any animals aside from penguins, seals, or skuas in almost seven months.

my toes have started a-tappin'... it's a little hard for me to believe, but i'm starting to itch to get back down there.


  1. Poor people of Christchurch. Hopefully things will improve....


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