18 June 2011

an update on the progression of my creative aspirations, or: making it happen!

i've been thinking a lot about making it happen.  a phrase i've come across several times in the blog world lately, a phrase that suits the situation.

it being… i'm not sure exactly.  i suppose, supporting myself by creating things.  well, not even that.  just creating things and having them reach the hands of others.

i've been thinking about what it takes to do this - how much perseverance, how much talent, how much luck, how much practice.  on and on.

i've been working really hard at making it happen.

after eating dinner with my grandparents, i'll pull out a sheet of shrinky dink and start drawing earrings while they continue conversing.  i usually just listen anyway.  i've been creating things until the wee hours of the night that technically count as morning.  compiling piles, making lists, brainstorming more.

the thing is that it's hard to make it happen while living the nomad lifestyle.  so that's another part of the evaluation and thought process.  how do i make it happen within the context of my rambling path?  how do i make this concrete when i'm hop-skip-jumping from continent to continent?

for now, for concrete's sake, i have my eyes set on the craft fair in antarctica.  last year i made 30 pairs of earrings a couple of days before on a whim, and sold out in two hours, making enough to buy my plane ticket to southeast asia.  this year i'm coming prepared.  i paid attention and noticed that the postcards in the station store are rather dismal.  so much so that i never felt inspired to send any.  so postcards are my list.  other fun knick-knacks, like sticker packs are currently being made by yours truly.  and my big, rather lofty goal is to make 100 pairs of earrings to sell.  so fair, i've made the shrink plastic pieces for 55 pairs.  i've also been quite aware of how much of a sucker i am for packaging, especially in places like anthropologie, so that is being revamped as well.  oh oh and there's more, i tell you.  there's more.

i'm also debating doing a quick limited sale (maybe 10 pairs of earrings) on etsy at the end of the summer, if i have the time. 

and so that's what i'm working on.  making it happen as best as i can.

and this is my best: at 3:26am last night, i scribbled into my journal: "my secret to productivity: start and don't stop."


  1. this completely speaks to me. I'd love to craft to support myself but with everything going on in my life, I feel like I don't have enough time and I need to constantly motivate myself to get my butt in gear. Your drive is so inspiring and "start and don't stop" is a fantastic. Good luck finishing your earrings during your travels!

  2. i love that secret! even if it is not-so-secret anymore. i think i need to do the same. my brain is melting from the lack of doing anything productive/creative. sigh!

    good luck with your goals! i'm sure you can reach them, and go beyond.

  3. What a great goal! Very inspiring.


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