13 July 2011

this was my week: new york city edition

i missed tuesday's instax yesterday because i spent 11 hours on public transportation, getting myself all the way from philadelphia to new york city to boston to lowell.  boston and philadelphia will be chronicled later.  maine and new hampshire too, for that matter.

for now, take a peek at my week in the glorious city of all cities.  kevin and i have done quite a bit of traveling in the past year, and we both agreed (despite my nagging concern that there was no solitude, no undisturbed nature within walking distance in any direction) that new york is something truly special.  not just within our country, but globally.  even other huge melting pot cities that we've visited recently like bangkok or singapore don't even come close to matching the diversity in nyc.  glorious.

1. brooklyn buildings / 2. subway intersections / 3. what up liberty / 4. i highly recommend taking the free staten island ferry to get a good view of the skyline and the statue.  less tourists, less spent dollaz  / 5. i loved the random phrases and glorious typography spray painted on every possible surface / 6. good advice / 7. new york delis provided us with perfect lunches almost every day.  eaten curbside.  with not just one, but three glorious pickles  / 8. empire state building / 9. busy feet / 10. if i was a postman, i would hang out there too / 11. maira kalman's exhibit at the jewish museum was perfection.  ferrealz / 12. not only am i head over heels for that man, but i also really loved wandering around the museum of natural history for far too long, then taking a conk-out-nap on the grass in central park, then waking up to a man selling us very strong, made on the spot margaritas out of his cooler. 


  1. that looks amazing! and those are wicked shots...i esp love the first two, and the third-from-last. looks like you had an amazing sandwich, too...mmmm. :)

  2. kevin has FABULOUS hair no wonder you are head over heels....men with fabulous hair make my heart beat fast...i married the man whose hair fell out so sad for me!


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