19 July 2011

tuesday's instax: american gothic and the nubble lighthouse

Growing up, I spent a lot of time at this lighthouse.  

Brooding, dreaming, plotting, fretting.  


I never thought that I would be back there, as an "adult", five years after moving away from Maine, doing the American Gothic pose with the man I love.


  1. what would the maine equivalent be of a pitchfork, i wonder... heh! :)

    completely off-topic, but does the instax have a self-timer? that is a fantastic feature, if so. i'm really running out of polaroid film+am thinking i should switch at some point...

  2. the instax does not have a self timer unfortunately. it's also humongous. much larger than you'd think. so it's not exactly practical, but i really love the photos it takes.

  3. "Brooding, dreaming, plotting, fretting." -- all beautiful in their own way.

  4. ha! who are we kidding with practicality on the brain? :) bring on the bulky instant-film cameras! beauty over brains! matter over mind! instant over delayed! woohoo!

    (although i am sad there is no self-timer. siiiigh.)

  5. haha i totally agree... i lugged that beast all over southeast asia, despite the laughs i got from the locals :) the other thing is that i'm already on my second one because they're pretty cheaply made. but i love it so much i bought another one. i say go for it!


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