05 July 2011

tuesday's instax: ocean and frolicking and parents

i cannot tell you how magical this week has been.  kevin in new england?  frolicking with the maine girls?  watching the sun rise over the atlantic?  making delicious things like eggs benedict with perfect homemade hollandaise sauce with my man at my side?  sipping margaritas with friends while looking out over the portsmouth harbor?  too good!

this instax is of my parents (who are finally coming home from nepal in a couple of days) frolicking on a beach in nelson, new zealand.  i have a huge stack of instax that need to be scanned and soon you will be getting some much more recent shots.


  1. Your parents look like so much fun : )

  2. this post has me smiling ear to ear. so happy to hear about all the good things going on!

  3. Can I post this on my blog and just link it here? :)


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