11 August 2011

for now: montana skies

I leave for my second season in Antarctica in six days.  Somehow this has completely and utterly snuck up on me, and tonight involved a walk up the mountains behind the house (with some whiny coyotes a little too close for comfort) during which there was some venting and some verbal stressing.  But it's good.

Believe it or not, Antarctica is going to be a chance to settle down for a while after six fantastic months of being on the move.  I haven't consecutively been in one place for over two weeks since... probably Antarctica.  And this year Kev and I will have our own room, a place of our own.  Quite the upgrade from the 6'x6' corner we had last year, divided off from a room shared with three others with sheets.

Things are good, but things are busy.  For now, here are some photos of the glorious Montana sky and its many different faces.


  1. wow...those skies are just incredible!! (though that double-rainbow makes me want to sing....haha) absolutely beautiful shots... :)

    good luck with the packing/temporary move! i'm so jealous you get to hang out in antarctica...i think that it's one of the (no pun intended) coolest places on earth. i hope you have as much fun as last year!

  2. hi there,

    it's been fun following your adventures this past year. have a great 2nd tour in antarctica!

  3. ahh, they don't call it big sky country for nothin'!


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