19 September 2011

Back in Antarctica

[a sun dog on sunday.  a sun dogs is a ring around the sun created by ice crystals in the sky, like a rainbow]

I'm here.  I've been here.  In Antarctica.

All of my blogging energy has been directed towards Weird Birds, my blog with Kevin, but I though I would pop in here and point you in that direction, but also fill you in just a bit.
We've been here just over three weeks, but it felt like we had never left as soon as we arrived, so it already feels like decades.  This season is completely different.  We have our own room, which is most definitely an oasis on Antarctica if I've ever seen one.  Our jobs are the same, but just different enough that they took some getting used to.  Not having to adjust to life on the bottom of the earth has somehow demanded even more adjusting.  Being back has been a good mirror to see how we've grown since last year.

I signed up for the winfly craft fair so I'm working on getting some earrings done.  We did a dance performance which was incredibly fun, and just the right amount of embarrassing, as always.  Mainbody starts in two weeks, which is when the rest of the people get down here, the last stragglers who wintered over leave, and the sun decides to linger in the sky for a few months. 

I guess that's all for now.  Weird Birds has become the blog for serious windows into our life, so this might become more of my creative journal.  We shall see.

Hugs from the bottom.