03 October 2011

my week's collection

My week's collection of skua: the tiniest bottle of Tabasco, a slide of snow covered mountains, a miniature shovel on baker's twine, a clothespin, a very small medallion, a metal cutout of pine trees, and a penis whistle.

Skua is the system in which we give/take items that are no longer wanted by one person, that another person might want.  A lot of people get excited about clothes and food they find in skua, but I always delight in the little, weird things... I mean, somebody took the time and packing space to bring things like this down.

Read more over at Weird Birds!


  1. that penis whistle is amazing! (...never thought i'd ever say that, ever...) seriously, who brings that as a necessity to antarctica?!? hahah. :)

    love that tree cutout, though...so pretty! put it in behind a candle-holder, and you'll get some mega-awesome wall-shadows....

  2. am so in love with that baby shovel. love.

  3. I delight in the little weird things too.


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