17 December 2011

Antarctic Date Night

It's a quiet week here in McMurdo.  We've been enjoying each other's company after the 10 day, 900 mile separation.  These are a couple of pictures of our date night, which involved Scrumpy, seals, and snuggles - as all good Antarctic date nights do.  Go check out Weird Birds for more pictures.

14 December 2011

Mud Season

The changing of the seasons in McMurdo Station, Antarctica looks a lot different than I had grown used to in New England or Montana.  We're reaching the pinnacle of summer down here, which means one thing: mud.  All of the snow melts for about a month and reveals town as a mud pit.  Janitorial life involves a lot more floor maintenance.  Sweeping away from the sides of the hallways creates a red carpet of dirt for people to walk down.  In this brief period, the puddles still freeze at night, creating beautiful, intricate patterns of ice amid the brown grunge. 

13 December 2011

5 Happy Things

 This glorious bed in a glorious room shared with a glorious man, looking out on glorious Antarctica.
 Making ouchies fun and cute.
 My (very picked over) table at the craft fair.  My friend Gabe was nice enough to provide moral support throughout the ordeal, which was in the middle of my night, since K was out at WAIS Divide.
 While spending our first anniversary 1,000 miles apart was certainly not ideal, finding a scavenger hunt of hand painted clues leading to this amazing note and highly coveted elephant earrings was very, very special.
Time spent with these dudes is always full of adventures and giggles.

I'm feeling pretty content with a big full heart lately.

12 December 2011

South Pole!

How has it been over a month since I last posted anything?  It's been so busy here, with both of us doing a bit of traveling, getting new people situated on the crew, the big craft fair, and celebrating a year spent together.  All very exciting things, which I hope to post about in the coming days.
I got to visit the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station for five days in preparation for the centennial celebrations of Roald Amundsen's arrival at Pole.  I think it's as close as an earthling can get to being on a space station without actually leaving this planet.  K got to spend a week out at the WAIS Divide field camp at the same time.  Go read about these adventures at Weird Birds!