30 May 2011

tuesday's instax: zoe

yeah yeah yeah, so i'm failing at posting anything but tuesday's instax, but at least it's something.  posting while traveling is not easy, with time flying extra fast as it is.  i'm heading to denver tomorrow to see kevin, so i will have pictures to post when i get back.

this is my beloved zoe, one of the last pictures i got to take of her before she passed away due to old age a couple weeks ago.  poor old pup.  she never liked having her picture taken, and every time i would try and capture one of her signature expressions, she would turn her head.  i caught her in the act of turning here, but i think the photo still retains her attitude.

things have been a little topsy turvy lately, it seems that the lives of a whole bunch of people i care about are falling apart a bit.  is it selfish or resourceful to focus on how well everything seems to be going on my path?  i'm not sure, but it helps me stay strong for others to lean on, so i guess that's something.  for now, i look forward to breathing crisp western air tomorrow.

24 May 2011

tuesday's instax: i love you

i had my mom take this photo, and i'm kind of glad it came out a little awkward with my head chopped off because it makes it's that much more appropriate.  sent this instax to kev last week in a package that was waiting for him when he got home from australia.  since denver and charlotte (where i am currently) are too far apart, i'm taking a brief hiatus from my stint out east to visit him for a week.  i go to denver next tuesday!

in sad news, my instax camera died a rather anticlimactic death.  one of the rollers refuses to work and even after completely taken it apart, no digs.  so i'm on to number two.  i'm making a padded rubber case for this one, so hopefully it lasts a little longer than three months.

17 May 2011

tuesday's instax: fragments

This post is a little late today because instead of arriving at the Charlotte airport at 11:30 last night, I arrived at the Greensboro airport at 12:45am, and then had to drive almost three hours to my aunt's house.  Without my suitcase.  Which is still somewhere out there.

But now I'm here, and will be in North Carolina for a month before heading to New England for a month.  I'm getting my visitations in before going back to Antarctica in August.

This shot was taken in Hoi An, Vietnam at a little restaurant where we drank some light Asian beer from sweating glasses and played pool in the shade, escaping the midday heat.  Look for Kevin's face in the shards.  He's coming home to Denver from Australia in a few days, which will certainly feel like he's a little closer, but still being restrained to just phone calls and video chatting is going to be rough.  How did I get myself into a (short term, but still) long distance situation?  

For the record, though, the man is most certainly worth it.

13 May 2011

the digs: usa big!

here's the weekly friday installment: the digs

i've been having a lot of fun with clothes lately; it's such a dynamic and immediate form of self expression.

my mom came across this quote the other day and shared it with me:
"clothes and courage have so much to do with each other." - sara duncan
so true!  so true!

so here's what i wore on 12 may.  i had this dress made a few weeks ago in hanoi, vietnam.  it was in a quiet, corner shop run by the sister of the tailor.  when she took my measurements, she grabbed my boobs and exclaimed, "usa big!" and then grabbed her own, "vietnam small." 

it's some of the prettiest fabric, combining orange, blue, and purple... colors i wouldn't usually pair together.  i wore this with my new patterned tights, a trusty old scarf, and the frye-wannabe boots i had tailor made in hoi an, vietnam.

i won't always have a drawing to go with the digs but i certainly will when i can.  i realized i hadn't drawn anything in almost a year, so it's time to get that brain muscle going again.  and no, i can't draw arms/hands.  whatever.

have a happy friday!

12 May 2011

scrumptious: grilled salmon pizza

here's thursday's weekly feature: scrumptious

the french chef escoffier said, "good food is the basis of true happiness."
it's certainly a key element.

and scrumptious is such a good word, don't you think?  it's one of those highly appropriate words, along the same vein of onomatopoeia - it doesn't sound like it, but it feels like what it's supposed to conjure.  say it out loud, say it slowly.  it makes my tongue stir.
so scrumptious will delve into one of my culinary experiences, no - delights, from the week.

this week: grilled salmon pizza
scotty grilled some amazing salmon for dinner the night before and despite our best efforts, there were leftovers.

while in hoi an, vietnam, i indulged in a rather swanky restaurant and spent an exorbitant six dollars on a smoked salmon pizza that had clumps of goat cheese, halved cherry tomatoes, and capers.  after days and days of different fried rice or noodle dishes, it was such a treat and i filed it in my brain to do later, to do better.

and this was better.  i made some dough, rolled it out, and grilled both sides outside on the barbecue.  then i mixed some dill and cream cheese and spread a thin layer on the dough, followed by a thin layer of tomato sauce.  then mozzarella, finely sliced tomatoes and red onions, chunks of grilled salmon, and a whole bunch of dill.  then put it out on the grill again until it got all melty and delicious.  yum.  oh.  yum-oh.

10 May 2011

tuesday's instax: geometric ice in the ross sea

tuesday's instax.

doesn't exactly have a ring to it, but that's what this is.

i bought an instax 210 as a first-antarctic-season-complete gift for myself.
at first i was shocked and highly amused by how huge it is... it's really, really big.
big enough that my friends joked that at least nobody in southeast asia would try to steal it from me.
but this camera has grown on me.  in a big way.  (punzies!)
as one friend put it, the pictures look like actual memories.
so every tuesday, i'm going to post one with the story of the memory.

this one was taken on one of my very last days on the ice.
things were crazy - reckless norwegians, the storm of the century, the christchurch earthquake (which is the jump-off for mcmurdo station), and the breaking up of the sea ice.
usually there is some melting of the ice that generally surrounds mcmurdo, but this year was different.  it hadn't broken up this much in over a decade, and even some of the permanent ice shelf was taken out.  this got dangerously close to the road to pegasus, which takes people out to the ice runway to be flown to new zealand.  we got out (after the road was re-routed further from the ice's edge), but it was hairy for a bit.

in the midst of the insanity, i took the time one evening to bundle up and walk down to hut point on my own.  it was incredibly windy, but i had (for once) properly bundled up.  there was nobody else out there except for three adelie penguins who were snuggled into the rocks.  i sat, leaning against vince's cross, looking out at the open water which was littered with groupings of geometric chunks of sea ice, slowly making its way somewhere.  i sat there, reveling in the beauty all around me and the extremity of life on the bottom of the world and the wonder of falling in love.  i took myself out of the shitshow happening on station and found peace in this ice, in this water, in this place.

08 May 2011

get ready

[photo taken by my mother with my instax210: zoe and i enjoying sage covered montana mountains]

it's me.
i've been gone for so long, and this space feels at once comforting and intimidating.

i've been to the bottom of the world and back, and now i'm home in montana.
a lot has happened, but that's to come.

i just wanted to say that this space and the projects i'm currently working on was my happy place, the place i escaped to in my mind while struggling through harrowing cambodian tuktuk rides or attempting to sleep on crowded vietnamese trains.

there are going to be some changes around here, and you're going to hear a lot more from me.
i have some plans for weekly features and i have a couple other exciting things up my sleeve as well.

i think i've promised more frequent blogging on several occasions through this long absence, but this time, i mean it.

i'm ready.