26 July 2011

tuesday's instax: baby buddhas

Little Buddhas - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Not much to say today.  Working furiously on some projects... it feels extraordinarily good to be working in this particular medium again.  It's a gift, so no peeks yet, but sometime soon.

This week is busy.  On Friday I zip over to Seattle for a few days with my brother to meet up with Kevin.  I can't wait!  I haven't been to that magical city in a couple years now.

With that, I leave you with a Shel Silverstein quote that's been bumbling about in my head lately:

"How much good inside a day?  Depends how good you live 'em."

24 July 2011

from a hike with my mother

Sometimes I think that the purpose of life must be to try and get to the white line at the horizon.  I don't know if anything more beautiful exists.

22 July 2011

friday evening: quiet and still

Back home in Montana.  
Enjoying a multitude of quiet, still moments.
Eating delicious Mama-made dinners on the porch overlooking the Bitterroot mountains.
Setting up a makeshift studio for my coming weeks, absolutely burning to create, feeling freshly inspired by this article and this book which I devoured in one sitting.
Tomorrow: farmer's market, thrift stores, a long walk
Tonight: writing letters, sifting through piles, playing dress-up

21 July 2011

out, in, home


I'm headed "home" to Montana today, after more than two months of roaming and visiting on the East Coast.  Perfect timing, because I am in serious need of a mountain fix.

Listen: New Little Dragon
Look: How fun is this?
Love: These crochet portraits

19 July 2011

tuesday's instax: american gothic and the nubble lighthouse

Growing up, I spent a lot of time at this lighthouse.  

Brooding, dreaming, plotting, fretting.  


I never thought that I would be back there, as an "adult", five years after moving away from Maine, doing the American Gothic pose with the man I love.

16 July 2011

New Camera: Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS

As much as I love my Fujifilm Finepix s1000, and as much as I admire it for lasting longer than any other electronic I've ever owned, its clunkiness was not cutting it for my roaming lifestyle.  I was missing out on shots because I had to wrestle it out of a bag, and struggling with a big heavy hunk hanging around my neck while navigating Vietnamese alleys.  It will still be in rotation, but a Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS arrived on my doorstep last night and I got to try it out for the first time today.  It's a lot of fun, and even smaller than I thought it would be.  I'm certainly still getting to know it, but it performed pretty well today, and I think it might have been exactly what I needed.  Here are some (rare vertical) photos that I took with it today... some little glimpses into my magical day gallivanting around Boston with some old, wonderful friends.

13 July 2011

this was my week: new york city edition

i missed tuesday's instax yesterday because i spent 11 hours on public transportation, getting myself all the way from philadelphia to new york city to boston to lowell.  boston and philadelphia will be chronicled later.  maine and new hampshire too, for that matter.

for now, take a peek at my week in the glorious city of all cities.  kevin and i have done quite a bit of traveling in the past year, and we both agreed (despite my nagging concern that there was no solitude, no undisturbed nature within walking distance in any direction) that new york is something truly special.  not just within our country, but globally.  even other huge melting pot cities that we've visited recently like bangkok or singapore don't even come close to matching the diversity in nyc.  glorious.

1. brooklyn buildings / 2. subway intersections / 3. what up liberty / 4. i highly recommend taking the free staten island ferry to get a good view of the skyline and the statue.  less tourists, less spent dollaz  / 5. i loved the random phrases and glorious typography spray painted on every possible surface / 6. good advice / 7. new york delis provided us with perfect lunches almost every day.  eaten curbside.  with not just one, but three glorious pickles  / 8. empire state building / 9. busy feet / 10. if i was a postman, i would hang out there too / 11. maira kalman's exhibit at the jewish museum was perfection.  ferrealz / 12. not only am i head over heels for that man, but i also really loved wandering around the museum of natural history for far too long, then taking a conk-out-nap on the grass in central park, then waking up to a man selling us very strong, made on the spot margaritas out of his cooler. 

05 July 2011

tuesday's instax: ocean and frolicking and parents

i cannot tell you how magical this week has been.  kevin in new england?  frolicking with the maine girls?  watching the sun rise over the atlantic?  making delicious things like eggs benedict with perfect homemade hollandaise sauce with my man at my side?  sipping margaritas with friends while looking out over the portsmouth harbor?  too good!

this instax is of my parents (who are finally coming home from nepal in a couple of days) frolicking on a beach in nelson, new zealand.  i have a huge stack of instax that need to be scanned and soon you will be getting some much more recent shots.