28 October 2011

Apparently I like to sleep, etc.

 We've switched to night shift, which I wasn't very excited about, but it's proven to have a lot of unexpected pro's.  One of which is that the nights are filled with colors like this, as the sun has stopped setting, but rolls sleepily along the horizon every night, setting the sky ablaze.  Station is also quieter, and though we have far less opportunities to hang out with friends, we have more time to do the things that often got pushed by the wayside, like journaling and drawing and reading.  Go check out Weird Birds for a rather amusing post about transitioning to night shift, as we wrote it in the delirium of exhaustion.
Here's a picture of a Valentine's Day card I made while transitioning.  The janitors of Antarctica and zappos.com have struck up a rather hilarious relationship, involving shout-outs on customer service lines, signed books, and now we have sent them a large bundle of homemade cards.  Mail is surprisingly efficient considering we're at the bottom of the world, but just in case, we chose the closest non-religious holiday.  Yeah, that's an interactive card of hearts punching each other :)

Also, I had a revelation while perusing the gorgeous photographs of Lily Stockman's studio.  If I could have one thing beyond the things I already have in life, it would be one little room to make things in.  That's it.

17 October 2011

Ivan and the Sunset

Ivan the Terra Bus zooms along the road to the ice runway in front of Mount Discovery

It's bizarre how cute a 56 passenger vehicle can be.  Lately the sunsets have lasted for hours and are truly spectacular.  Pretty soon the sun will stop dipping below the horizon and it will be as if it is the middle of the day, all the day.  But for now, we're relishing the gorgeous colors cascading across the vast white sea ice.  Go check out a bunch more pictures at Weird Birds!

03 October 2011

my week's collection

My week's collection of skua: the tiniest bottle of Tabasco, a slide of snow covered mountains, a miniature shovel on baker's twine, a clothespin, a very small medallion, a metal cutout of pine trees, and a penis whistle.

Skua is the system in which we give/take items that are no longer wanted by one person, that another person might want.  A lot of people get excited about clothes and food they find in skua, but I always delight in the little, weird things... I mean, somebody took the time and packing space to bring things like this down.

Read more over at Weird Birds!