20 April 2012

Livin' in the Pink City

I still have a bazillion photos to share from New Zealand and Nepal, but for now here are some glimpses into my life in Jaipur.  With our original India schedule, Jaipur was just going to be a brief stop, but here we are in our eleventh day.  These are shots from our first hotel - a sickly pink room that was a bit rough around the edges.  We had to sneak up to the roof to try and steal wifi from neighboring hotels, which didn't always work.  That last photo is the gorgeous tunic I got from Anokhi (thanks for the wonderful recommendation, Lily!) which is finally being washed after wearing it for an untold number of days in a row.

Only three more days in India before our long journey back to America begins.  While giggling through terrifying rickshaw rides, exploring old Mughal forts, and getting chased by monkeys are all fun in their own bewildering ways, I really can't wait.

More India photos soon!

17 April 2012

Two Matters of Business

First matter of business:
We had been feeling a little limited over at Weird Birds, as we take loads of photos and not many make it to posting.  Enter the convenient solution to everything, the iphone!  Kevin's iphone, to be exact, as I am stubborn in my cave woman ways.  So we've been using Instagram to capture some of our day to day life - a casual edition of Weird Birds, if you will.  You can also follow along on Instagram -  weird_birds is our user name.  Go check it out

Second matter:
India has been a bit rough, with persistent touts, persistent traveler's diarrhea, and persistently hellish heat.  So we're coming back home a bit early, and I've got about a bajillion projects up my sleeve, and will have both the time and internet to post here and share.  Which I can't wait for.  Get ready, people!