17 April 2012

Two Matters of Business

First matter of business:
We had been feeling a little limited over at Weird Birds, as we take loads of photos and not many make it to posting.  Enter the convenient solution to everything, the iphone!  Kevin's iphone, to be exact, as I am stubborn in my cave woman ways.  So we've been using Instagram to capture some of our day to day life - a casual edition of Weird Birds, if you will.  You can also follow along on Instagram -  weird_birds is our user name.  Go check it out

Second matter:
India has been a bit rough, with persistent touts, persistent traveler's diarrhea, and persistently hellish heat.  So we're coming back home a bit early, and I've got about a bajillion projects up my sleeve, and will have both the time and internet to post here and share.  Which I can't wait for.  Get ready, people!


  1. ahh instagram! i just got it for android and it has taken over my life! :) (however, i still can't figure out how to 'follow' people...sigh. i'm half cave-woman i guess!)

    i really hope you feel better soon...there's nothing like feeling sick on vacation. <33

    i also can't wait to hear about these new projects you speak of! :)

  2. Thanks for all your awesome posts, I love reading about all your amazing adventures.

    P.S. You are NOT a cave woman, there are more of us out there than you think!

  3. I am enjoying reading of your adventures. Wow! I hope you are well.


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