10 May 2012

Catching Up: Nepal No. 3

The last of my Nepal photos, all of these are from Kathmandu.  The opening guitar notes of Cat Stevens' song bobbed behind me all week as I made my way through these hectic yet charming streets.  Kev and I oscillated between different bouts of traveler's diarrhea and one of the days that he was bed ridden, I braved the streets alone in search of a yak cheese sandwich.  Up until a year and a half ago, I had done all of my traveling alone, and smirked at girls who in my mind were cowering behind their boyfs.  But then I started traveling with my man, and geez louise it's so nice.  The catcalls drastically decrease, you don't peek over your shoulder when entering the dark alley to your guesthouse, and when you have traveler's diarrhea, your honey can go get your yak cheese sandwich for you.  So I repaid the favor, and did myself one too.  There's something very self-assuring about leaving a refuge and facing the streets alone.  There's something wondrous about returning to the smile of a red-headed man, too.


  1. Catching up here and absolutely ENTHRALLED. Thanks for bringing so much joy and adventure to my computer screen, Liz! xo


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