01 May 2012

Catching Up: New Zealand No. 1

I am home!  Finally!  And I have said, "I am so happy!" about fifty bajillion times today.  India was really hard in every realm.  There's lots to say about that, but for now I need to recuperate and rest a bit.  So many photos haven't seen the light of day yet, so I'm rewinding back to the end of February and will be sharing a whole slew of picture posts this week.  Once I get back to speed, there's lots to discuss.


  1. as much as i really can't wait to hear about (and see!) india, i absolutely love seeing your shots of new zealand...i have so many dreams of visiting there now! i hope you're feeling better though - i'm sure it helps that you're back home again. :)

  2. i just stumbled upon your blog, your pictures are beautiful and your adventures sound amazing. it is so fun to find another missoulian's blog. i'm glad to have found a montana neighbor in the blogging world! you have really lovely work.


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