04 May 2012

Catching Up: New Zealand No. 4

This is the last of this batch of New Zealand photos.  What a dream week.  After spending some much needed family time in Kaikoura, I got to hang out with those three guys.  There was a roadtrip up to Arthur's Pass where we drank scrumpy in the rain by the river, and I slept in while they climbed to Avalanche Peak.  We visited Castle Rock on our way back, where we scrambled around those giant boulders in the drizzle.  A solemn, silent, powerful place.  These were perfect days.


  1. this is reallllly making me want a DSLR right about now. (again: those colours! holy wow!) what a gorgeous landscape to get to explore...

  2. What beautiful places you see on your way. Antarctica, New Zealand, I can only dream of them.

    "Cooking without measuring cups", glad to hear that too. Lately I asked my grandmother how she baked and cooked. "Just the right amount" was her measurement tool. I was annoyed. Yesterday a friend asked a recipe for the pancake that I had made. "Just enough of everything", was my answer.

    Happy new week, where ever you are.


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