11 May 2012

Catching Up: New Zealand No. 5

Now that I've caught you all up on Nepal, it would chronologically make sense to move on to India.  But to be completely honest, I'm not quite ready for that.  India deserves more than I would be able to provide at the moment, and it took more from me than I expected, so yeah, we're skipping it for now.  It will come when it's ready (this means when I'm ready).

On to the joyous weekend that is seen in the collage above.  After 9 collective bouts of traveler's diarrhea, 2 hideous barf-and-blindness-inducing-migraines, and an out-cold-faint in Indian customs (really guys, I've got some stories from India...) we made it back to New Zealand.  Well, also after an overnight in Bangkok and a sunny day in Singapore.

Anyways, we made it to New Zealand, where the infrastructure of a dingy old room at a YMCA hostel made me cry the purest tears of joy.  Due to the nature of the United States Antarctic Program, we have been to Christchurch six times in the past two years, so it was the first stage of homecoming.

We got our first taste of autumn after two years without, we watched saturday morning rugby practices in Hagley Park, we ate soup and brownies from the farmers market in a pile of leaves, we took the bus to the beach and watched chilly surfers, we wandered the botanic gardens in the rain, we delighted over dahlias, we ate sushi that Kev declared to be the best since he was in Japan, and we wrung India out of our hearts, letting our love for one another fill them back up.  We were full, we were happy, and we had escaped (albeit barely).

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