21 May 2012

reunited and it feels so good

The winds were so bad coming into Denver that we did brain-bending circles over the city until we ran out of gas, had to land in Colorado Springs, refuel, then try again.  The most turbulent flight of my life yet was punctuated by moments of comic relief as the three year old girl in front of me gave whoops of delight and called out, "We're going wiiiild!"

Kevin was supposedly going to drive up to the sidewalk to get me, but as I came up the escalator, there he was, with a bouquet of pink lilies and yellow tulips.  What a guy.

Denver has been so lovely, but it's off to Boston already.


  1. That girl's comment made me laugh! I hope that you have an excellent time in Boston.

  2. awww, that's awesome! unexpected flowers are the best, probably surpassed only by the guy giving them in this case. :) glad you made it safely!


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