31 May 2012

summer in new england

Kev has finally joined me in New England and agreed to download the VSCO app on his iphone that I like to pretend is mine.  It's so fun to play with!  Also enjoying: spending time with my 4 year old twin siblings, poaching eggs, riding bikes, rooting for the Celtics (and being disgruntled by the horrible officiating) in the Eastern Conference Finals, picnics, snuggling while watching Carl Sagan be awesome on Cosmos before bed, and dips in the lake.  This weekend we're headed to Maine to see my friends and visit my homeland.  Summer in New England is pretty nice.


  1. I just got the VSCO app and I'm loving it!

    Summer in New England sounds pretty wonderful.

  2. i just love all your summery posts. looks like so many fantastic times. (the vsco app is pretty nifty)


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