17 May 2012

sweet kitty

The past two weeks at home were really special for a lot of reasons.  Coming home from India made even the smallest thing like brushing my teeth in the sink seem like the most joyous of occasions.  There was also the gourmet, fresh, local food that my mom always stuns us with.  There were trips to the community garden, long walks in the mountains, sunsets watched on the porch, giggling bouts with my parents.  But something made it extra special - even more special than usual.

And that was kitty.  My parents had offered help at the local animal shelter, and when there was a young pregnant cat who was too stressed out by the shelter environment to stay healthy, we took her in as a foster** cat. On the drive home, this cat howled until I let her out of the carrier, then proceeded to wrap her two front legs around my neck, purring into my hair, holding me tight in a hug.  I died.  And continued to die everyday when all she wanted to do was snuggle.  What a dream cat.  She was given the name Bonnie, which didn't suit her, and she didn't identify with it, so we ended up just calling her Kitty.  Partially because we were trying to guard our hearts a bit from falling too head over heels (futile) and because it suited her.  Sadly (very, very sadly) I didn't get to meet the kittens, and last I heard, they're still poking around in her bowling ball belly, but I'll share a couple photos when they join the world.

**Full disclosure - I REEEEALLY would rather her not be a foster, but a forever.  Currently brainstorming on how to make that work with all the traveling we do.  Hmm...


  1. awwwwww snuggly kittens are the BEST!! i think i would have died too. lucky you to have met a friend like that! (seriously, the only time i get really mushy is over cats. they are SO DARN CUTE.)

  2. I just can't get over how short and STUBBY that cat's tail is! I hope you figure out a way to keep the kitty, they do require less work than dogs ;).

  3. beautiful kitty =^.^=
    beautiful blog!


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