29 June 2012

colorado roadtrip no. 1

We're back to Denver after a fantastic whirlwind roadtrip around Colorado, the state that Kev grew up in, but one that I hadn't really seen before.  Our first stop was the Great Sand Dunes National Park.  We arrived in pouring rain after a long, flat, straight drive out of blazing hot Denver.  It's the strangest thing, to be on a road through the San Luis Valley, and it hasn't curved a single degree for miles and miles, and suddenly you bend to the left and ta-da!  Sand dunes!  Huge ones!  Right at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.  So bizarre.  After the lightning deterred our plans to sleep on (!!!) the sand dunes, we opted for the campground.  Though it was crowded with feral children, it was still great access to the dunes and we took a cool, evening stroll out onto the damp dunes, dark from the rain.  Then we woke up early and were the first ones trudging up to the top.  It was a slog for sure, but a glorious hike.

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  1. this place looks absolutely amazing...really raw, natural beauty on display. i want to go!!! :)


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