30 June 2012

colorado roadtrip no. 2

The sand dunes after the rain.

First photo has people near the bottom and at the top of the dunes if you're interested in scale.
Last photo taken by Kevin Humphreys. 


  1. liz. that first photo. please tell me you're selling it?!! it is AMAZING...and i need it on my wall. <3

    i'm seriously so, so jealous you got to see this beauty in real life! i feel like i should shrink myself to become a shoulder elf, and travel with you on your journeys, because they're always so amazing + gorgeous + fantastic (in all senses of the word). gah.

    (ps. that photo of you is totally awesome!)

  2. i just love your pictures. they are such a treat to look at.

  3. Holy f***, those dunes are incredible!


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