06 June 2012

a good day for soup in the city

The past few days have been lovely.  A day/date trip into Boston was had, starting with a nice long train ride on the commuter rail.  It was a cozy, drizzly day so we had soup at the charming Grendel's Den, sipped hot beverages while wandering around the campus of Harvard, and snuggled up next to each other in the theater as we saw Moonrise Kingdom.  The film was just as enchanting and visually wondrous as you'd imagine, but there were scenes with the children actors that felt a bit off to me.  Go see it though!  We meandered around Cambridge neighborhoods all afternoon, admiring the vines smothering brick buildings and the creativity involved in urban horticulture. 
The train ride back, we conked out hard, woke up in Lowell, and were greeted with wine and pasta prepared by my Italian stepmother.  It's been special watching Kevin bond with the twins, who were a bit standoffish with him last year.  "Bye, Red Hair!" they would say every time he held my hand.  This year they're asking to sit in his lap, get piggy rides, and give him ponytails.  So cute. 


  1. oh i just love boston...now i'm jealous! :) glad you had fun! strangely enough, we're also off to have a date-night, with moonrise kingdom as our movie pick. hmm...great minds think alike?


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