21 June 2012

hello, summer

Yesterday, we welcomed the first day of summer by waking up far too early, strapping some kayaks onto my uncle's truck, and zipping over to Jordan Lake to do some birding.  Paddling around early on a Wednesday morning, the lake was just for us and the birds.  We spotted several Great Blue Herons, an osprey, several types of cranes, and just as we were paddling to shore, two Bald Eagles dropped out of the tree above us, circled, and flew off. 

On this hot and humid Solstice, there was also a refreshing dip in the pool, several cool, spicy bowls full of gazpacho, and a long meander about my aunt Michelle's incredible garden.  She might have the greenest thumb I've ever encountered, so I ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the erupting cone flowers, spotted tiger lilies, and kiwis bursting from the vine.

Notorious for always missing at least one body part with sun lotion, my shins are now completely sizzled red, apropos for the most sunshine-filled day of the year.

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  1. that sounds like such a lovely day! and i love that house shot - the colours are just insanely good. lucky you to have seen a kiwi tree! i've always wondered what they look like...


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