14 June 2012

how about some film?

My Stepdad found me an old Vivitar 250/SL last year at a thrift store for pocket money, equipped with the coolest, funkiest strap and 4 different lenses.  It's been taken care of over its long life, but it does let in some light leaks from time to time.  More than anything, this effect is a fun surprise with its distortions.  While my digital camera is off getting fixed again (gahhh!  I'll spare you the details), I've been lugging around this baby, and finally got some developed.  So much fun!


  1. hooray! film! i really need to get going on using more b+w...these shots are so awesome! (i really do love the light leaks...) :)

  2. Love the picture of kitty and my nasturtiums! Both have grown quite a bit since you left. Kitty now seems like an adult cat - those little shark kittens are tiring her out! Really cool pics!


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