11 June 2012

portland getaway no. 1

On Thursday, Kevin and I hopped on the Downeaster train and headed up to Portland, Maine.  It was the perfect getaway for 36 hours of privacy in the midst of a two month long jaunt of visiting loved ones.  We stayed at a delightful B&B and wandered around the Brooklyn-esque streets of downtown.  We also took a tour of the Allagash brewery, and took a ferry out to Peaks Island, but more on that later.

Since my digital camera is still in the throes of a potential death bed situation, I took mostly film, which is in the process of getting developed!  I just had to share these two in diptych form for now, taken with Kev's iphone.  After a couple years of traveling and practicing hygiene wherever convenient, it didn't seem odd to us to pull out a toothbrush and take care of business at the train station.  It should go without saying that he got more than a few weird looks.  And then, that bed!  The comfiest bed ever.  The big roll at the end was the fluffiest, softest comforter I have ever snuggled up to.  Must.  Procure.

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  1. ha! that's hilarious - i was just thinking 'is that a toothbrush?!'...but you're right, hygiene = better than no hygiene. :) and that b+b looks awesome; i've always wanted to go to portland, ever since a telemarketing client there told me how lovely it is. i can't wait to see your shots! (...my fingers are still crossed on your digital camera getting fixed soon too.)


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